How to delete file permanently with SDelete utility




SDelete utility is a powerful command line utility it allows you to delete one or more file directories Permanently by cleansing the free space on a logical disk Whenever you delete a file by simply using shift+delete won’t delete until the areas of the disk it used are Overwritten by new information it just deletes the index associated with that file.

How to use SDelete utility?

  • First download the zip file and extract SDeleted to your chosen location I extracted it in e: drive



  • Open the cmd under administrative privilege and navigate the folder where you have store sdelete utility and hit the sdelete64 or sdelete (operating system architecture 32 and 64)
  •  -p passes Specifies number of overwrite passes (default is 1)
  • -s Recurse subdirectories
  • -r Remove Read-Only attribute

An example command line to securely delete the entire folder and its sub-directories is as follow:

sdelete -p 10 -r -s D:\example

Another very effective capability of SDelete is that it can clean the free space of previously deleted files It is important to  optimize the hard-disk

  • -c Clean free space
  • -p Passes Specifies number of overwrite passes (default is 1)
  • -z Zero free space (good for virtual disk optimization)

An example of wipe out free disk space on your dive

c:\temp\sdelete –c c:



 Securely delete files using sdelete

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