Disney CEO Bob Iger said hackers stole one of our movie and demands ransom



Bob Iger, CEO of Walt Disney has confirmed that hackers stole one of Our movie and threaten to post film online But he hasn’t told the name of that movie They are demanding an enormous amount of money. Although actual money Isn’t mentioned. As usual asking for the payment to be made through bitcoin.

Hackers warned that If payment will not made soon they start posting the long chunks of the movie. At starting the clip will be few min long later they will post twenty minute chunks.So far, there isn’t any video available online. but if the group is the same that released the Netflix Original series, there’s scant chance they’re bluffing.



we wan’t pay ransom


As expected Disney is denying to pay ransom and has already started working with the FBI to track down The hackers. there is few numbers of talent agencies have been the prime target of hackers in recent weeks. Pirates of the Caribbean: dead men tell no tales is scheduled to release this weekend. It makes some sense for hackers to be applying pressure on Disney right now.

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