Thousand of Pokemon go players hit by a hideous malware



Million of mobile gamer have been fooled to download a malicious file contains terrifying malware which is a tip and guide for popular mobile games, including Pokemon Go and FIFA Mobile.

Fake guide was hidden in probably more than 40 apps in the play store impersonate as guide for popular games Include Pokemon go.

When the players download the false guide in their android phones. The app would install a secret malicious code which creates A silent botnet

This authorizes the attackers to exploit the collective power of all the effective smartsphones Without ever notifying the mobile owner

This false guide takes over the admin privileges which prevents the victims To delete and modifying the malicious game guide from their phone

Research suggested that cybercriminals have been using this scam since November 2016 Since than probably 2 million malicious guide have been downloaded

This malware can be used to root the phone and gaining access to personal data And can be remotely injected ddos attack and penetrate to the local network

How to remove?

To remove it successfully head to your device setting menu And cancel the app from device admin privilege Once this has been cancelled the malicious guide can be Successfully removed


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