NetGear Phone-Home Features Now Collects Your Data.-Here How To Fix




Netgear phone-home features now collect your data Netgear users who ran recent firmware upgrade(model NightHawk R7000) need to disable remote data Collection features that collect your IP and Mac address and stores It to company server.

company said that they record users ip and mac address
because of routine diagnostic to know how it’s routers are working for future analytics

Technical data about the functioning and use of our routers and their WiFi network can help us to more quickly isolate and debug general technical issues, improve router features and functionality, and improve the performance and usability of our routers. continue………

Such data are listed below:-

IP address
Mac address
WIFI Bands and Channel
LAN/WAN Status
running status
Technical data related to the functioning of the router also its WiFi network

Ways in which you can enable or disable router analytics data collection feature ?

  • Open any web browser from your PC or mobile devices that connected to the router
  • Login to your admin router page by entering this IP(
  • Enter the router username and password(By default the user name is “admin“. And the default password is “password” both are case-sensitive)
  • Now home page displays.
  • Find the “router update page. option under advanced>administration> Router update
  • Under the router analytics data collection section Just hit enable radio button or disable radio button (as per your need)
  • To view the data that might be collected just hit the router analytics data link
  • Hit The Apply Button (settings are saved)


Configure Netgear Router:-


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