Top 10 Hacking Movies That You Must Watch


A list of movies every hacker and cyberpunk must watch.

#1  Who Am I (Kein System ist sicher  2014)

The Who Am I being a great movie about a hacker named “Benjamin”. He is a young, talented German computer hacker and he invited to join a well organized cybercrime group.
The group starts participating in the cybercrime and stuck in dangerous circumstances



#2 Algorithm (2014)

This movie is about a computer hacker who broke into the top secret government project and download them.Link below to watch the full movie



#3 Anonymous (2016)

Alex is a teenaged Ukranian immigrant who indulged in illegal activities on the internet his friend Sye is a black market dealer Helps him to make money. Link  to watch the full movie



#4 Snowden (2016)

Snowden movie is based on true event Edward Snowden leaked the NSA’s illegal surveillance techniques And thousand of secret documents are distributed to the press


#5 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

A computer hacker helps the journalist who investigates the disappearance of a woman who has not been found for a long time. Together they find out some mysterious truths



#6 The Imitation Game (2014)

The imitation game 2014 is based on a true story During the world war second the genius mathematician Named Alan Turing tried to crack the enigma code in order To intercept the important messages with help from Fellow mathematicians



#7 The Fifth Estate (2013)

The fifth estate is a 2013 dramatic thriller based on a true story. directed by bill Condonabout the news-leaking Website Wikileaks.Wikileaks’s works as a watchdog and leak the secret data to the world.they leaked the confidential Data which related to the U.S. government



#8 Swordfish 2001 

Swordfish 2001 is a one of the best movie A dark counter-espionage action thriller about power, money, sacrifice and 21st-century breaking



#9 The social network 2010

The social network 2010 movie based Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg, Who creates that website with the help of his fellow Eduardo sovereign and With the hard work and consistency they become famous .



#10 Blackhat (2015)

Black hat released in 2015 in this movie Chris Hemsworth, who released from jail A code which created by him is linked to the terrorist while trying to help Gov he get involved in conflict between USA and China


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